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About our Library

Our library provides the main source of information in our Gimnazjum. Its an important factor contributing to the didactic and educational processes and cultural education at school. It is also a place where students can find information on various topics.

The chief tasks of the library are:
-Collecting and popularizing various written documents, audiovisual, multimedial and electronic archives
-preparing the readers to use different sources of information
-awakening and forming students’ reading culture
-providing facilities for developing interests of readers, pleasent and cultured way of spending free time

The library in our Gimnazjum started its functioning when our school was set up on 1st of September 1999 and was evolving in different branches.
At the beginning the library was located on the ground floor with the Library of a Primary School no 1. After the reconstruction of the Gimnazjum building we provided new local facilities although we still share the premises with the Primary School. Nowadays, the library occupies a room on the second floor with the total area of 60 square metres. There is a lending library with no arbitrary access to books, with a computer desk for the librarian, the reading room with 18 seats, 3 computer desks for teachers and students, a xerox machine, a small wares where archive magazines are stored and books are prepared to work them out.

Everyday activities are performed in accordance with expectations of the library users and in line with the latest education trends. We popularize library archives and advise students from our school as well as the Primary School to choose an appropriate book.