Prostok¹t zaokr¹glony: Open borders open minds
Students` opinions... ;)

Hello! We are from Slovenia. We spend brilliant time in Koluszki especially the shopping was great. We are surprised that people in Poland are so friendly and the food is lovely. The project is very well organized. We really like the Comenius Project, because we met new people and made new friends.






Eve Bolcina and Teja Goli


Poland is a great place and it has lovely people in it. I have enjoyed my stay with the host family a lot even though it is different that at home. For example the food is lovely but different. It has been a great experience and I hope to stay in touch with all the people I have met.



Hannah Greenacre

(England in the UK)

The first day here in Poland was very nice! The families are very friendly and lovely. At the meal there is always a lot of food on the table and it’s
a little bit the same as in the Germany. The Polish people are all very friendly and the whole COMINIUS project is very well organized. Also the Slovenian and English people are very friendly.




Nicolas and Raphael


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