During the Comenius project's meeting in the UK, students had the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament, go on the London Eye and visit Covent Garden and Buckingham Palace. They also worked in the two workshop groups: I the first they discussed European values and their understanding in each of the four countries. In the second they worked on the song and drama. They also watched My Europe movies prepared by each school before coming to the UK, created and analysed the summing up movie.


Students were able to meet a member of parliament in the local Town Hall and the same person made a presentation and welcomed all the students. The Comenius group held a dinner for all the families and immersed themselves completely into the life of a UK citizen. At school the students took part in drama lessons and History lessons and prepared materials to be presented as a celebration of the partnership between the four countries represented.

The final meeting in the Town Hall was a moving experience and included music and drama all written by the students.



Our group in London and Chasham












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